Step Toward Your Digital Future.

The digitalization of business is changing how your existing and potential customers are using IT solutions to maximise their revenues. In order for you to profit from these opportunities, you need to adapt your sales strategy – a path to digital success. Establishing a sustainable cloud business model means doing things differently. With our holistic and comprehensive business analysis and training program, PDAgroup supports you in reaching your goals.

Your Path to Success

Reaching customers by digital means and establishing a sustainable cloud business model means doing things differently.

With a holistic and comprehensive analysis, we’ll help you to:

  • Develop key performance indicators appropriate to your business.
  • Generate leads through an improved digital presence.
  • Demonstrate value to customers with a new approach to sales.

Our analysis focuses on the three areas of strategy, marketing and sales to ensure that you profit from digitalization.



Get an insight into the challenges and opportunities of more than 100 IT solution providers.

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Understand the Change

6 Points for a Successful Transformation
As a cloud solutions provider you need to consider some important points. Here is an overview of the core areas that are affected by the transformation process.

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5 Sales Roles in the Digital Age
Digitalization is changing the business. Nowadays it is not about having the right strategy or the right tools, it’s also about having the right sales people.

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The Anatomy of an Effective Web Presence
Marketing needs to support sales by ensuring the company has a smart web presence and a range of educational content on its online channels.

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45% of companies are now relocating their critical business processes to the cloud.

Are you ready to handle your customers’ changing demands?


As a part of our in-depth analysis of your strategy, we rate the “cloud readiness” of your company and help you to define the KPIs that match your business goals. We’ll provide you with an action plan to establish a sustainable cloud business alongside your on-premise business—ensuring that you can meet the demands of your customers



With today’s customers overwhelmed by a wide array of solutions, individual sales personnel are having difficulty demonstrating the distinct values of their products. As a result, sales costs are increasing as deals take longer to close or are lost.

How do you demonstrate value to your customers?


In the digital world, demonstrating value is not the task of an individual sales person: it’s the task of an entire team. By means of a structured analysis of your sales team, you’ll be able to see which skills your sales team needs in order to demonstrate value through social networks and virtual demos. Each sales person is evaluated as an individual to determine his or her personal strengths and sales responsibilities are divided accordingly. Only by having the right people in the right positions can a sales team bring value to customers and ultimately close more deals.



On average, a customer will have already made 57% of the purchasing decision before entering into contact with a provider.

Do you know how to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions?


By means of a structured process that’s been used with SAP partners throughout Europe, we’ll assess your ability to reach customers through digital channels, produce effective content and be found online by target customers. We help you turn your website and social media accounts into lead generation machines. And with your new digital presence, you’ll be able to position yourself as a trusted advisor and influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.

What Customers Are Saying

“Of course I knew that there were some areas in my company that could be improved. But I was not fully aware of the situation until we did the analysis with PDAgroup. One thing was that our sales pipeline was rarely filled. Together with PDAgroup we developed a step-by-step action plan and after only four weeks my sales team generated more than 20 new leads for SAP Business One without any additional support.”

Jens Wemheuer CEO, Infinitas GmbH

“We used the analysis results of PDAgroup PDAgroup as both a guide for our discussion on the company strategy and as the basis for our future growth plan. Through PDAgroup, we got an overview of the competitive landscape. Furthermore, the analysis identified actions that we could take to improve our situation immediately, such as how to use social media to support our marketing and sales activities.”

Martin van Wyk Managing Director, Westrocon (Pty) Limited


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